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Women in construction and tech, featuring Eyrus CEO Alexandra McManus

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2 min readMar 15, 2021

Construction-tech industry veteran Kalyn Lengieza recently sat down with Eyrus co-founder and CEO Alex McManus to discuss the importance of women in construction, and women in technology, in honor of Women In Construction Week.

As a woman who has been in the construction industry her whole career, now serving the industry through technology, Alex has a unique understanding of the impact of women in industries where flexibility, collaboration is key.

Below, an excerpt of the conversation. For the full interview, visit the Eyrus website.

Previous Impact of Women in Construction

KL: What do you love about the construction industry?

AM: I love buildings and infrastructure. I love that we can collaborate from an idea to a drawing to a physical tangible monument to that effort. I have always felt proud to be a part of the end product.

KL: Given your experience in the Construction industry, where do you see that women have had the most impact? And conversely, the least amount of impact?

AM: I believe women have had the most impact in the workflow process, and contracting. With the least amount of impact in Project Management, and trade crafts. Changes are coming in those realms, but historically have typically been not as impacted by women.

Technology’s Impact in Construction

KL: How do you see technology impacting the advancement of women in the construction industry?

AM: Technology can become an equalizer. Successful projects are often run by individuals, usually men with many years of experience. Data that flow to and from job sites that increases knowledge on schedule, safety, progress and compliance can provide insight that was previously only understood after 20 years of experience. Further, I think working in a technology company is a great avenue for women to have more involvement in the industry because it embraces different skill sets such as coding, data analysis, sales and marketing.

Overcoming bias

KL: What are some of the ways you see that women can overcome bias in an industry that was “designed for men”? Where have you seen this bias and gender gap being closed? Any examples where you’ve seen success with overcoming bias?

AM: Bias shows up in many different ways from individual to institutional, and direct and indirect. I have found that in this industry you have to be direct, firm and persistent, even more so if you are a woman and you want to be heard. …. FOR THE REST OF THE INTERVIEW, CLICK HERE.



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