Women in construction and tech, featuring Eyrus CEO Alexandra McManus

Construction-tech industry veteran Kalyn Lengieza recently sat down with Eyrus co-founder and CEO Alex McManus to discuss the importance of women in construction, and women in technology, in honor of Women In Construction Week.

As a woman who has been in the construction industry her whole career, now serving the industry through technology, Alex has a unique understanding of the impact of women in industries where flexibility, collaboration is key.

Below, an excerpt of the conversation. For the full interview, visit the Eyrus website.

Previous Impact of Women in Construction

KL: What do you love about the construction industry?

AM: I love buildings and infrastructure. I…

An explainer on the hottest new financial vehicle, and how the decision makers from both sides of the startup ecosystem are leveraging it for big gains.

Photo by Luca Colapinto on Unsplash

There have never been more way to take a company public.

IPOs are a mainstay, while direct listings were all the rage in 2019 after Spotify and Slack went public with great success through the latter model. But then talk of direct listings gave way to talk — a lot of talk — about SPACs once 2020 rolled around. The chatter is still going today. And that’s because SPACs have ushered in newfound flexibility and speed for those ambitious to enter the public market, whether founders themselves or the institutions and people who invested in their ventures.

SPACs — an…

Business Insider Mexico catches up with Marc Bell of PredaSAR

Marc Bell, Executive Chairman of PredaSAR

Columnist José Salgado interviewed Marc Bell, Executive Chairman of Fuel Venture Capital portfolio company PredaSAR Corp., for Business Insider Mexico.

Below, find the English translation of the column. The original piece, written in Spanish, can be viewed via Business Insider Mexico.

If the space economy were a car, physicists would be the engine, engineers its wheels and investors, gasoline.

When we think of the space sector, it’s normal to imagine people with scientific baggage — and in most cases that is true — nevertheless, as more private companies are dedicated to building and operating space infrastructure, the need to access…

América Economía, a leading panregional Latin American business-news outlet, featured Fuel Venture Capital portfolio company Ubicquia in December. Below, find the English translation of the article. The original piece, written in Spanish, can be found on América Economía.

An issue that slows the growth of startups with public sector solutions is the lack of investment, as it is perceived to be very high risk. However, there are examples of successful startups in the public field.

This is the case of Ubicquia, a Florida-based company that offers municipalities technological solutions for smart cities, small cells and smart grids, and which recently completed its $30 million Series C funding round with participation of Fuel Venture Capital.

“Our main mission is to make cities smarter, safer and more connected and there are three components needed to achieve this: the city or…

In a sector largely ‘dominated’ by men, Maggie Vo has worked her way up to lead investments at an American venture capital fund

Vietnamese newspaper Tuoi Tre profiled Fuel Venture Capital Chief Investment Officer and Managing General Partner Maggie Vo, CFA, outlining her emigration to the U.S. from Vietnam at the age of 17, and her ascent to the elite rung of GP at Fuel, the leading VC firm in the Southeastern United States.

Below, find the English translation of the article. The original piece, written in Vietnamese, can be found on Tuoi Tre.

Maggie Vo, born in 1987, emigrated to America from Vietnam to study finance abroad. She sat down with Tuoi Tre to share her story.

The archetype of female leadership…

Your window of time to grab a potential investor’s attention is narrower than ever.

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted the startup ecosystem, with founders being compelled to revise business plans, and certain industries, such as travel, facing significant obstacles to growth, even survival.

Yet venture capital investment is at an all-time high, as of Q2 2020, and consequently, investors are examining more pitch decks now than in any other period over the past few years. With this aggressive spike in interest, the time VCs have spent assessing an individual pitch deck has fallen — from an average of about 3.5 minutes to below 2 minutes. …

Private equity is an asset class with the potential to generate sustained, long-term out-performance for its investors, and is a key component of many investors’ portfolios. However, it is still relatively immature as an asset class, with some unique characteristics that may not be familiar to investors.

One of its defining features is the irregular timing of cash flows from investors to fund managers and vice versa. Once an investor has made a commitment to a fund, it may not be called upon for a period of months or even years, and when it is called, this may be at…

An explainer on the stark differences between Wall Street and Main Street, and why COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of allocating to VC for any investor

After spending almost a decade working in the public markets, I find it impossible to ignore its ebbs and flows. I like to hold on to and nurture the part of me that is drawn to the movements of the stock market, if only because it allows me to do my best work in the private markets, where I provide insights to Limited Partners of Fuel Venture Capital on their private equity/venture capital allocation, as well as portfolio management, generally speaking. I am often heard saying, when it comes to investing, just as most things in life, everything is relative.

If you really want to succeed, efficiency is the name of the game.

For far too long, startup founders have drank the Kool-Aid of “growth at all costs,” relying on a presumably free-flowing venture capital spigot.

Growth is an important factor, of course, but it should not be the sole focus of startup founders — especially in a post-COVID world.

Fewer than 5% of startups grow fast enough and scale sufficiently to have a chance to later adjust for business inefficiencies and make it out OK. …

Partnership adds 10 companies — including Boatsetter, Curve, Recargapay — to Fuel VC’s portfolio of exponential technology startups.

MIAMI, FLA. — July 27, 2020 — Fuel Venture Capital has entered into a co-investing partnership with IDC Ventures to expand its European presence, as the Miami fund, formerly called Rokk3r Fuel, undergoes an overhaul of its brand identity to cement its role as one of the largest and most active venture capital firms in the Southeastern United States. The partnership grows the Fuel Venture Capital portfolio to a total of 23 companies.

Companies added to the Fuel portfolio through the co-investing…

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